Marbela Beach Resort

Our Rooms

Luxury Tents

from Rs. 12,000 / day

Royal Suites

from Rs. 20,000 / day

Spanish Villa

from Rs. 12,000 / day


The staff organized a fantastic anniversary dinner for me and my wife. The food was amazing and the atmosphere very special.

Imran Shetty

We had a wonderful stay at Marbela Beach Resort. We can’t wait to come back next year.

Rajiv Singh & Family

Welcome to Marbela Beach Resort

You notice from a distance a white backdrop of shimmering tents and thatched roofs There's something about sinking your toes in the sand while you take in the contrast There is something about Marbela Beach Boutique Hotel... Surrounded by a combination of simple pleasures, beauty and privacy, Marbela Beach draws a chic and exclusive clientele where visiting for business or pleasure becomes a blur

White Party @ Marbela