Marbela Beach Resort


Morjim in 2006

Morjim Beach in 2006 was a place where Goan families would escape to for natural salt water baths, sea breeze and picnics. And beach shacks were limited to perhaps, one or two. Marbela Beach then was an unassuming beach house, a family getaway for Jaydeep and Sheetal Rajebhosale, and their two sons.


Jaydeep said, “We erected two tents in 2007. A Swedish couple took a fancy, hired out the property for 15 days, and then ended up staying the entire season. A few days later, a Russian couple booked the place for a month-and-a-half. We added a shack in 2008, and kept going from there.”

The Owners

Jaydeep and Sheetal, both civil engineers, are strongly rooted to Marbela Beach. Coming from the small village of Maulinguem, Jaydeep is the grandson of the late Raoji Rane (one of the biggest landlord of North Goa). Interestingly, Jaydeep’s being a direct descendant of the Great Maratha King¬† Chatrapati Shivaji Rajebhosale, reflects in his humility and demeanor with one and all.